SBEDSociedade Brasileira para o Estudo da Dor
SBEDSmall Business Economic Development (loan program; Alaska)
SBEDSociété Belge d'Endoscopie Digestive
SBEDSerial Bit Error Detector
SBEDBit-Bit Error Detector/Detection
SBEDSaskatoon Board of Education (Saskatchewan, Canada)
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SBED will closely monitor the construction, implementation and real-life performance of the demonstration systems, disseminating best practice to the wider industry.
Phil Jones, SBED project director, Cardiff University, said: "Renewable energy technologies for generating both thermal and electrical energy can be fully integrated as part of the external construction of a building, providing a more cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution compared to the usual 'bolt on' approach.
Regarding lifetime prevalence estimates, there were no sex differences in the prevalence of AN or SBED, whereas BN, BED, and SAN were more prevalent in girls.
1 percent of adolescents with AN, BN, BED, SAN, and SBED, respectively, endorsing 1 or more co-existing psychiatric disorders.
Among adolescents with 12-month AN, BN, BED, and SBED, 97.
Results from SBED models provide more realistic distributions of rock properties and more accurate reserve calculations.
The unique features of SBED have enabled Statoil to develop a better understanding of its reservoir assets and to optimize strategies for oil recovery.
According to Alf Birger Rustad, Principal Researcher at Statoil, "We have successfully used SBED for several years to develop more accurate characterizations of our fields on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.