SBEEBachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (usually seen as BSEE)
SBEESupine Bicycle Exercise Echocardiography
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The government of Benin says that the project will decrease power prices for households, and will help stabilize the network of SBEE.
Through the SBEE Act, the UK Government is aiming to provide greater transparency surrounding the ownership of companies, which should enhance greater disclosure to clamp down on tax evasion, money laundering, and organised crime.
While the move has been praised for improving corporate transparency, there are still unanswered questions as to how the upcoming SBEE Act changes will affect the UK economy.
Charlotte Blair, general manager of Business Intelligence at Legalinx-7side, said: "Transparency is a pressing issue at the moment, especially with the recent Panama leaks, and the next implementation of the SBEE Act on June 30 will certainly help to address this concern.
Aggreko has a strong and established relationship with SBEE having earlier supported the national grid at different intervals over the previous 12 years, offering an interim solution to Benin helping to maintain economic growth in the country.
Mr Laurent Tossou, Managing Director of SBEE said, We signed with Aggreko because Benin can count on its ability to mobilise within the contractual deadlines and on its experience as an operator.
Managing Director, Aggreko Africa, James Shepherd, said: We are delighted to be working once again alongside SBEE to bring reliable power to the people of Benin.
3 Support for the recruitment of the Director General SBEE and his Deputy
The contribution to financial recovery SBEE by reducing technical and commercial losses