SBESSimpósio Brasileiro de Engenharia de Software (Portuguese: Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering)
SBESSocial, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (various locations)
SBESSchool of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences
SBESSound Broadcasting Equipment Show (industry trade show)
SBESSingle Beam Echo Sounder
SBESS-Band Exciter System
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Striped Pig's recent growth in contract manufacturing drew the interest of SBES as a vehicle for additional SBES investment opportunities now under consideration.
SBES efforts will certainly continue, but the virtual lab is still in the distance.
We used the third case, SBES, as a means to further refine the initial propositions.
The SBES institution is a single graduate school jointly operated by a public land-grant university and a private university located in different states.
SBES lone worker alarm is lightweight, permanently on and is equipped with long-life (approx two years) nickel-cadium batteries.
It can also operate as part of other self-contained SBES systems for protecting workers travelling to different Ex rated locations and providing service support.
The SBES lone worker wire-free alarm transmitters are worn in belt-clip form and are activated either manually by the user or automatically when triggered by a tilt sensor if the unit moves from a vertical position because the wearer has fallen or been rendered unconscious.
After reviewing the history and research literature of SBES-related human subjects protection, examining IRB guidelines of major research universities and federal agencies, and hearing from witnesses from various SBES professional organizations, the Panel produced fifteen recommendations.
The Panel found that IRBs, even though overworked, spend too much time revising wording of Informed Consent forms without understanding the full context of Informed Consent processes for the types of populations typically studied by SBES research (e.
The traditional SBES lone worker tilt alarm is activated in two ways.
The SBES LifeSaver system was originally installed in one of the site's two buildings and comprised one central control panel situated in the main reception area and four wireless personal alarms.
The SBES LifeSaver system consists of a central control panel and a range of activation products.