SBETSmall Business Economic Trends
SBETSimple Bioaccessibility Extraction Test
SBETSustainable Building Evaluation Tool (now Sustainable Building Assessment Methodology; Switzerland)
SBETStandards and Body of Evidence Tracking (education; Wyoming)
SBETSmall Business Employee Training (Louisiana Department of Labor)
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1 and 2, Table 1), as expected, had the highest unburned carbon content (determined as TOC), the greatest inner surface area SBET and relatively high PAHs content (Table 2).
Likewise, aqua regia assisted digestion was repeated with soil (<250 [micro]m) for use in determining metal bioaccessibility in conjunction with the SBET extraction results (Kelly et al.
Bioaccessible and phytoavailable heavy metal concentrations were estimated using 2 common extraction techniques, SBET for bioaccessibility and 1 M N[H.
Lead bioaccessibility was estimated using the SBET extraction procedure (Kelly et al.
Halofantrine (Halfan) is now contraindicated for SBET because of potential cardiac complications, she said.
The German and Swiss guidelines advise that chloroquine can be used for SBET in parts of Central America and the Middle East.
A combination of SBET and rapid malaria tests "could be useful for certain selected long-term travelers," she said.
Samples obtained by grafting of various amounts of titania over silica using titanium IV isopropoxide in isopropyl alcohol were studied using SBET, pore volume, XRD, ESCA, DRS, and zeta potential measurements.
terminated the agreement and renewal options with SBET early, due to the malfunctioning of SBET software and lack of technical support, with proper notice and in compliance with the licensing agreement.
For the past five months, SBET has been responsible for issuing false and misleading press releases and spreading misinformation to our shareholders and the investment community.
OTC BB:SBET), Total Entertainment reported that the company had previously terminated its agreement with SBET and that the company had ceased to use SBET's software as of May 1, 1999.
Management of The Online Casino and Sportsbook and Total Entertainment has known for some time that SBET gaming systems were outdated, and that SBET had not upheld its maintenance contracts on several occasions.