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SBFSmall Block Ford (automotive engine)
SBFStudium Biblicum Franciscanum (Franciscan School of Biblical Investigations; Jerusalem, Israel)
SBFSingle Black Female
SBFSimulated Body Fluid (biochemistry)
SBFSalvo Buon Fine (Italian: reduction in price effects subject to collection)
SBFSiyasal Bilgiler Fakültesi (Ankara, Turkey)
SBFSatrinaBuffFrame (software)
SBFSociété des Bourses Francaises
SBFSurface Brightness Fluctuation
SBFSkin Blood Flow
SBFSuper Best Friends
SBFStructure-Behavior-Function (modeling language)
SBFStammtisch Beau Fleuve (website)
SBFSociété Botanique de France (French: Botanical Society of France)
SBFSupport By Fire
SBFSynthetic-Based Drilling Fluid
SBFSwiss Boomerang Federation
SBFSingle Barrier Failure
SBFSingapore Bowling Federation
SBFSuperbikeForums (website)
SBFSocial Brain Foundation (China)
SBFScholastic Book Fair
SBFSport Bike Freaks
SBFStreet Bike Freaks
SBFSchool Book Fairs, Limited
SBFStreet Bike Fury (game)
SBFSpecial Beekeepers Fund (Ontario, Canada)
SBFSexy Boy Friend
SBFSaanichton Bible Fellowship (Canada)
SBFSecret Best Friend (slang)
SBFStraight Best Friend (chat slang)
SBFSmall Business Facility
SBFSkinless Boneless Filet
SBFStupid But Funny
SBFSri Bodhiraja Foundation (Sri Lanka)
SBFScottish Business Forums
SBFSouth Bay Foundry (California)
SBFSmart Buyer Function (technology sourcing)
SBFSmall Business Forum
SBFStrategic Bond Fund (finance)
SBFSouls of Black Folk (William E. B. Du Bois treatise)
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The Thin Film (TF-XRD) diffraction revealed the preferred growth mechanism and development of hydroxyapatite (HA) on the surface of specimen with in 7days after immersion in SBF and showed the material is highly bioactive.
Syntroleum said the completed Phase I included design of a marine-based fuel production plant and characterization of gas-to-liquids synthetic JP-8/JP-5 fuels for military diesel, turbine and fuel cell applications, while ongoing Phase II efforts include expanded engineering and design work for SBF production systems for sea and land, as well as further SBF characterization and demonstration work for the military.
This follow-on Phase II effort will include expanded engineering and design work for SBF production systems for sea and land; and further SBF characterization and demonstration work for all branches of the military.
SBF said that plunging stock prices and consumer backlash over the mislabeling of meat to take advantage of a government buyout program [the program was in response to a Mad Cow Disease outbreak in Japanese cattle] left no alternative to liquidation.
This inspired Ajhar and his colleagues to measure SBF distances to 14 galaxies that had hosted Type Ia supernovae inside them, linking the two "yardsticks" directly.
Essex-based SBF will be merged into South Staffordshire's mail division, which has operations in Telford and last year contributed pounds 12 million in sales.
The skin-fold thickness over the sacral area was measured after the SBF measurements with a Harpenden skin-fold calliper (British Indicators Ltd, Herts, England) to the nearest 0.
If Harmeliaa[euro](tm)s 2013 EBITDA ends up being two times the one of AgroGeneration, SBF IV will receive more stock for a total ownership stake of up to 63%.
com)-- On February 10, Singapore Business Federation (SBF) in collaboration with Janus Corporate Solutions hosted a seminar on "Next Steps for Representative Offices" at the SBF headquarters.
Bob Savitt, founder and president of Savitt Partners, acted on behalf of the ownership in the lease transaction, while Marc Schoen and Michael Schoen represented SBF Industries in its three-year commitment at the iconic property.
The DEA SBF is a nonprofit organization that supports surviving family members of employees of the United States Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Administration, as well as deputized Task Force officers, killed in the line of duty.
SBF chief executive Michael Levack said: "We remain extremely concerned about the potential impact of such significant cuts in Scotland's capital budget on employment in the construction industry.