SBNISouthwestern Bell Network Integration
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Group (New Offices) 1 District * Coordination Coordination * Human Resource Management 2 Agriculture 3 Community * Community Development Organisation * Registration Office 4 Education 5 Finance and * Planning and Planning Development * Enterprise and Investment Promotion * Finance and Budget 6 Health Public Health 7 Information * Information Technology Technology Development * Information Technology Promotion * Database 8 Law Legal Advice and Drafting 9 Literacy * Literacy Campaigns * Continuing Education * Vocational Education 10 Revenue 11 Works and Energy (Micro energy Services development/ generation projects for use at local community level) Source: The SBNI District Government (Model) Rules of Business, 2001.
Headquartered in Dallas, SBNI is the number one data networking provider in Southwestern Bell's five states, streamlining the company's existing networking capabilities into one organization.
SBNI employees support Southwestern Bell's sales force as consultants and technical specialists in areas such as design, ordering, fulfillment and project implementation.