SBNRSpiritual But Not Religious
SBNRSigned Binary Number Representation
SBNRSimultaneous Biological Nutrient Removal (wastewater treatment process)
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After establishing her categories, she divides the subject matter of her interviews into the most common questions many people have about what, exactly, SBNRs do or do not believe.
Many of her subjects drifted from upbringings that failed to present a focused idea of religion, and as a result, some SBNRs whose parents moved from one religion to another have wound up in a kind of jumbled, do-it-yourself, pick-and-choose faith.
Beyond that point, there isn't one solid thing that SBNRs seem to believe, perhaps because so many of them are still trying to discover what belief means to them.
So what is the place of young Catholics in this same "fragmented" world that Mercadante's SBNRs inhabit?
Is the SBNR movement creating its own institutions and clergy?
Coupled with other interfaith communities around the world in a Council of Interfaith Communities, there is a growing support network for all SBNR with opportunities to do spiritual service and community Building.
Second, our organizations provide the SBNR movement with legitimacy by giving it a voice on college campuses and in society in general.