SBNWRSeal Beach National Wildlife Refuge (Seal Beach, CA)
SBNWRSan Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge (US FWS)
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SBNWR and Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve); however, due to the major anthropogenically-induced shifts in habitat structure in the San Gabriel River, eelgrass is not present.
Despite the more "natural" environment within the SBNWR, green turtles showed a high affinity to the culvert within the 7th St.
Date Tracks (h) Tracked 1 16-Nov-12 45 SGR 2 29-Jul-13 48 SBNWR 3 21-Mar-14 48 SGR 4 13-Jun-14 48 SGR 5 15-Aug-14 48 SBNWR 6 23-Aug-14 48 SBNWR 7 -- -- SGR Table 2.