SBOCSmall Business Online Community (networking group)
SBOCSmall Business Opportunity Conference (Northwestern University School of Law; Illinois)
SBOCSwansea Bay Orienteering Club (UK)
SBOCState Board of Corrections (prison agency)
SBOCSchool Board of Osceola County (Florida)
SBOCSanta Barbara Oratorio Chorale
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In the present study, we measured H-FABP mRNA expression and IMF content in the breast and leg muscles of BBOC, SBOC and WBOC.
BB was dominant genotype and B was dominant allele in BBOC, meanwhile, AA was dominant genotype and A was dominant allele in both SBOC and WBOC in natural selection.
The BBOC has been selected for eggs and meat for a period of time and is most popular at locality, SBOC has been selected for treatment of gynecological diseases, and WBOC is main living at the high altitudes because of their chill-proof.
First, a SBOC customer answers questions about their type of business, customers, products and current advertising.