SBODSwitched Bunch of Disks (storage networking)
SBODStudent Board of Directors
SBODSoluble Biochemical Oxygen Demand (pollution indicator)
SBODState Board of Dentistry
SBODSpinning Beachball of Doom (Mac OS X)
SBODSettlement Balance Order Destined
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With the 1602 FC SBOD, Compellent customers can easily implement a tiered storage hardware architecture by intermixing high-performance FC drives and lower-cost mid-tier FC drives in a single enclosure.
With switching, T1 has immediate access to HI, but T60 must work its request through each SBOD until it can present its request to H1.
We are committed to delivering to our customers the highest level of investment protection and the iQ2880 and iQ2850 storage systems and J2880 SBOD offer vastly improved performance and increased capacity while maintaining our promise of delivering cost-effective storage solutions that are easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy to scale.
An inter-shelf switch will track any failure to a single shelf, and an SBOD will track any failure to a single disk slot.
The VMETRO JBOD, SBOD, RAID and solid-state products deliver optimal data throughput and extremely high bandwidth for real-time data acquisition.
4Gbit Connectivity -- Continuing its lead in 4Gbit technology, Xyratex's previously announced SBOD (Switched Bunch of Disks) enclosures will be the cornerstone of a number of Partners and Industry demonstrations at SNW.
Each iQ2850 offers eight iSCSI host ports and supports up to fifteen 1TB SATA drives providing 15TB of storage capacity or 6TB using 400GB FC4 drives, and can scale to 240TB SATA or 96TB FC through connectivity with the J2880 SBOD disk expansion enclosure.
Other suggestions offered for improving access to dental care involved working with SBOD to expand the function of dental assistants and dental hygienists.
Each iQ2850 supports up to fifteen 4Gb 400GB FC drives providing 6TB of storage capacity or 15TB using 1TB SATA drives, and can scale to 96TB FC or 240TB SATA through connectivity with the J2880 SBOD disk enclosure.
We attached our 4Gb SBOD Storage Enclosure into a SAN which contained both 2Gb and 4Gb Fibre Channel devices.
We announced that we had qualified and integrated Seagate's high efficiency disk drive, the Cheetah NS[TM], into our 4Gb SBOD storage system, the RS-1602-F4-SBD, and fully qualified it in all legacy Fibre Channel RAID, SBOD and JBOD solutions.
The iQstor iQ2880 can be scaled using the J2880 SBOD expansion enclosure creating a system with high performance FC drives for primary storage and low cost SATA drives for secondary storage.