SBOLCSignal Basic Officer Leader Course (US Army)
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We are reducing block training and making greater use of experiential training to enhance the relevance, quality, and effectiveness of the SBOLC course.
The 442nd Signal Battalion will conduct a test run of SBOLC and then run two more iterations of SOBC.
Class # Report Date Start Date End Date Remarks SBOLC 001-06 2-Mar-06 3-Mar-06 2-Jun-06 Initial SBOLC class SOBC 003-06 5-Apr-06 6-Apr-06 18-Aug-06 SOBC 004-06 9-May-06 10-May-06 22-Sep-06 Final SOBC class SBOLC 002-06 31-Jul-06 1-Aug-06 1-Nov-06 SBOLC 003-06 24-Aug-06 25-Aug-06 29-Nov-06 SBOLC 004-06 28-Sep-06 29-Sep-06 17-Jan-07