SBP2SECIS binding protein 2
SBP2Serial Bus Protocol 2 (FireWire)
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Key Features -- IEEE 1394a compliant -- DTCP (5C) content protection (TSB43DA42 only) -- Three data paths for isochronous data (4KB FIFO and DTCP cipher) -- 2-port PHY (400Mbps each) -- Controlled by external CPU using either PCI or SRAM/68K interface -- DMA engines to accelerate communication of SBP2 (serial bus protocol) transactions and OSD (on-screen display) data Availability, Packaging and Pricing
ui), On Screen Display using EIA 775, Copy Protection based on 5C, AVC Commands, IEC 61883 protocol, SBP2 protocol, Portable IEEE 1394 device drivers that support different IEEE 1394 chip sets and Operating Systems.
a compliant -- Works as a FireWire repeater alone (requires AC power adapter) -- Supports high-speed, high-performance UltraSCSI, with up to 20 MB/sec data transfer -- Supports synchronized transfer, disconnection/reconnection -- Includes active UltraSCSI terminator -- Supports SBP2 ORB/CDB command set -- Full compatibility with Windows 98SE, 2000 and IEEE1394 SBP2 drivers -- compatible with Adaptec(R) Toast Deluxe 4.