SBPDSanta Barbara Police Department (Santa Barbara, CA)
SBPDStrategic Business Planning and Development
SBPDSite-Based Professional Development (education)
SBPDSmall Business Professional Development Programme (Australia)
SBPDSystolic Blood Pressure Difference (health measurment)
SBPDSomerset Borough Police Department (Somerset, PA)
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The Young Lawyers of the Bar Association, Jane Becker, Deputy Prosecutor, and Larry Bennett of SBPD were able to obtain the assistance of more than 70 volunteer lawyers and police, who conducted Mock Trials.
SBPD Chief Lee Cote had this to say about PAS: "The first week we had the system in place, we were able to locate a female Alzheimer patient who walked away from her residence.
It will be the first offshore liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) facility on a floating vessel in the Asia Pacific region and is expected to produce 7,800 SBPD butane (C4) and 14,700 SBPD propane (C3).