SBPRSociety for Back Pain Research
SBPRSociedade Brasileira de Proteção Radiológica
SBPRSouth Bay Purebred Rescue
SBPRSystolic Blood Pressure Response
SBPRSisters Being Positively Real (band)
SBPRStrategic Business Process Reengineering (contract)
SBPRSanta Barbara Pastoral Region (Archdiocese of Los Angeles; California)
SBPRSociedad Bíblica de Puerto Rico
SBPRSociété Berruyère de Peinture et Revêtements
SBPRSmall Business Paperwork Relief (Act)
SBPRSkill Based Performance Review
SBPRSecurity Business Practices Reference
SBPRSingle Scope Background Periodic Reinvestigation
SBPRSex steroid Binding Protein Receptor
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There was no correlation of the HRR and the SBPR values with age and daily dose of colchicine.
Changes in SBPR have been proposed to be associated with sympathetic and parasympathetic activity, systemic vascular resistance, and baroreflex sensitivity.
Although insufficient HRR and autonomic dysfunction are well known, there has been limited information demonstrating the relationship between SBPR and the autonomic nervous system.
Therefore, we suggest that insufficiency in HRR and SBPR developed due to autonomic and endothelial dysfunction.