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SBRSportsbook Review (website)
SBRStyrene Butadiene Rubber
SBRSequencing Batch Reactor
SBRSpectral Band Replication (Coding Technologies)
SBRSteel Belted Radius
SBRStone Brothers Racing
SBRSpace-Based Radar
SBRScarff-Bloom-Richardson (prognostic factor in breast cancer)
SBRSkills-Based Routing
SBRSerum Bilirubin
SBRShiny Black Rubber
SBRStatistical Bit Rate
SBRSveriges Biodlares Riksförbund (Swedish: Swedish Beekeepers Association)
SBRShort Barrel Rifle
SBRShooting and Bouncing Ray (cavity analysis method)
SBRSir Bobby Robson (English football manager; UK)
SBRSpecial Boat Squadron (US Navy designation)
SBRSaturable Bragg Reflector
SBRSit Back & Relax
SBRStolen Base Runs (baseball statistic)
SBRSmall Business Reserve Program (Maryland)
SBRSilver Birch Ranch
SBRSpawning Biomass Ratio
SBRSignal Bias Removal
SBRStore Bought Rebels (band)
SBRSummary Billing Record
SBRSchotterbettreinigungsmaschine (German)
SBRSpeaker Back Right
SBRSilver-Bronze Medal
SBRStabilized Breakdown Rate
SBRService Business Relation (Fujitsu)
SBRsomatosensory blink response
SBRSteel Bulb Rectifier
SBRSociety for Biological Rhythm
SBRSelection Board Results
SBRSociété Bretonne du Rhododendron (French: Rhododendron Society of Brittany)
SBRStandard Business Reporting
SBRSmall Business and Revenue (Canada)
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We're looking at events such as SBR where local and foreign enthusiasts will come to do their sports activities and at the same time visit our tourist destinations.
7 billion worth of SBR solutions is expected to be sold in the global market.
Also, volatility in butadiene pricing is leading to imbalances in SBR market.
SBR is appropriate treatment for organics and nutrient pollution loads of wastewater.
It is thus expected that such structures with bi-phasic nature can induce different actions on the individual components of an immiscible blend such as NBR and SBR.
Information of all active and planned SBR plants in Asia Pacific with capacity forecasts to 2017
The objective was to obtain the images that related to the quality of the bonding between NR, SBR and rNBRG and to detect the presence of micro-defects if any.
However, the number of intersection tests and the calculation time of SBR can be reduced by using octree structures, a space division algorithm, or the distribution information table derived using an angular division algorithm [4-6].
The idea of SBR is simple: Corporate entities are required to provide numerous financial and nonfinancial reports and data sets to a variety of government agencies and bodies.
The world's large SBR manufacturers concentrate in developed countries and regions such as Europe & America, Japan, and South Korea, mainly Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Ente Nazionale Ldrocarburi (ENI), Korea Kumho Petrochemical (KKPC), and JSR.
Paul Madden, the director of Australia's Treasury SBR Program, said "There are significant benefits in the use of XBRL as the single language in this field of reporting, but the true benefits start to accrue when the reporting requirements of many (such as government regulators) are defined in a single set of definitions, such that once mapped, the information might serve multiple reporting purposes.