SBRLSmyth-Bland Regional Library (Marion, VA)
SBRLSocial and Behavioral Research Laboratory (Troy, NY)
SBRLSirius Black Remus Lupin (Harry Potter characters)
SBRLSpringfield Babe Ruth League (baseball league; Virginia)
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During the collaboration period of one year, each bacterial isolate received by SBRL will be tested using the MALDI Biotyper, traditional phenotypic and 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencing to validate the results.
This research collaboration will enhance the MALDI Biotyper database as well as determine if the MALDI-TOF platform can complement the other testing methods currently used by SBRL and the US PHLs for bacterial identification.
The holomorph H(L) of a loop L is a SKL or SBRL or SKWL if and only if SAUM(L) = {I} and L is a SKL or SBRL or SKWL.
4, it can be concluded that: the holomorph H(L) of a loop L is a SBRL if and only if SAUM(L) {I} and L is a SBRL.
Inclusion was limited to those patients from whom isolates sent to SBRL were identified as NO-1 between 1974 and 1998.
Studies are under way at the SBRL to determine the taxonomic classification of NO-1.
Prior to 1996, China's SR yield achieved 553,000 if a, about three times as much as that of ten years ago, with the newly added brand of SSBR, SBRL and SBS.
7 with 38 rounds, 1 x 75 mm RR, 10 x 107 mm SBRL rockets, 27 x 82 mm mortar bombs, 100 rifle rounds at Kund.