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SCANSSecretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills
SCANSSingle CAIS Access and Neutralization System
SCANSSoftware Change Administration and Notification
SCANSSurvey of Necessary and Comprehensive Skills
SCANSStatus Configuration & Alarm Notification System
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Nor does it justify the extra time it takes to scan and save the image.
Zinn: What else do these high-frequency ultrasound scans reveal?
Her group reports in the August Radiology that most centers offering the scans are freestanding, for-profit screening centers not associated with hospitals.
Scanning programs all come with scheduling capability, so you can order them to scan weekly or nightly or whenever you want.
It also comes with a 35mm film adapter unit that scans up to six frames at once, while taking advantage of FARE level 3 technology to enhance the images.
The first MEMS-based laser scan engine to be released, the Intermec EL10, features extremely fast scan rates and separate laser emission and collection optics for increased sensitivity, supporting increased scan range and angle, as well as easier scanning of low contrast bar codes.
Designed for Pocket PCs or other mobile devices running Windows Mobile software, the CF RFID Reader-Scan Card is an industry first, and combines both RFID and bar code technology within the same CF housing, enabling users to scan bar codes and read/write to high frequency (13.
With the addition of new scan modules for enterprise anti-virus software, network infrastructure, and relational database software, Cambia CM analyzes an even broader selection of network assets.
With a maximum 1200 x 2400 color dpi resolution (software enhanced resolution: 19,200 dpi) and 48-bit Input color depth for over 281 trillion possible colors, the CanoScan LiDE 25 scanner is not only efficient, it produces rich, beautiful scans.
The flexible DR-2050C can scan letter-size documents in black-and-white or grayscale at speeds of up to 20 (simplex) pages-per-minute (ppm) and 40(2) (duplex) images-per-minute (ipm) and 24-bit color at up to 10 (simplex) ppm 20(3) (duplex) ipm.
Ribstone's Image Printer, Capture System and Scan Express applications are the other products scheduled to utilize MEAP, under a previous agreement, and will be available later this year.
The scanner incorporates One Touch technology for eliminating multiple steps in sending scanned images to predetermined applications or devices and has the ability to automatically scan documents or ID cards into searchable PDF files.