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SCAREDScreen for Child Anxiety Related Emotional Disorders (evaluation)
SCAREDSupport, Concern and Resources for Eating Disorders
SCAREDSharp County Arkansas Researchers of Entities and Demons (Cave City, AR)
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most scared to death, and cleared the fence and tore into the woods, and was gone.
Well, I won't hurt you, so don't be scared any more.
He is fat and so clumsy and so furiously angry, but he's too scared of Trent to do anything but obey orders, and there he works hour after hour, groaning, and the perspiration rolls off him as though he were in a Turkish bath.
The SUFFERING was awful but I didn't mind that as much as being scared ma wouldn't take me to the wedding.
Scared to be singled out in an already scary situation.
I was scared the dark and I think my heroes were probably the Power Rangers.
Most importantly, Scared Scriptless Secret Saturdays are in a different format each month; it could be long-form improv, musical improv, blue show, puppet show, or something else.
The survey of 2,000 parents also asked them about their fears, with around a third (34 per cent) saying they were most worried about something happening to their children, although more than one in 10 admitted to being scared of spiders and bugs.
I'm scared I'll be called "heartless" if I don't accept a 'moral responsibility' to intervene in the suffering of all people worldwide.
But James said: "We are not scared because they did not show the event has moved on - and we did not row that well in Munich.
Research by Living Streets showed that 42% of children in the North East are scared of cars travelling too fast on their school route.
A badly scared buck is one that really busts out of there.