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SCARPSchool of Community and Regional Planning (Canada)
SCARPStructured Capital-at-Risk Product (UK)
SCARPStudent Coalition Against Racial Profiling (Brooklyn, NY)
SCARPSymposium for Cybernetics Annual Research Projects (Cybernetics, School of Systems Engineering; University of Reading; UK)
SCARPSanta Clara Arundo Removal Plan (Ventura County Resource Conservation District; California)
SCARPSalinity Control & Reclamation Programme (Pakistan)
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Aerial photographs taken before the area was flooded indicate that the North structure is an elliptical depression approximately 88 m diameter characterized by low relief, discontinuous bedrock scarps that border a wetland devoid of outcrop (Figs.
This resulted in about 70 pipes being selected as the most suitable--well within the manufacturing tolerance--for the Jansz Scarp Crossing pipeline.
The main soil collection and analysis activities conducted by SCARP were completed on soil collected from the 0-10, 10-20 and 20-30cm soil layers of farmer managed paddocks.
The Swiss bank had "poor systems" in place and failed to maintain adequate records regarding its advice on Scarps between January 2007 and December 2009, during which time customers invested more than pounds 1bn in the product, the FSA said.
We also identify a prominent 20 km-long onshore scarp that is inferred to be a product of co-seismic faulting.
The fishermen want to be compensated for losses due to land reclamation and for authorities to scarp the BD10 monthly fee imposed by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority for each expat they employ.
The decision to scarp the import duty on soybean may be followed with the same measure on imported wheat flour, Mari said.
Sand is replaced by a till scarp close to Merivalja Jetty at a distance of about 2 km from Pirita Harbour.
For the purposes of the study, the shoreline was defined as the edge of the erosional scarp that borders the majority of the GIWW in the study area.
In 1934 he disastrously experimented with firing mail by rocket between the isles of Scarp and Harris.
Rifkin said processing improvements have enabled OmniSource to turn around its streams of industrial scrap at a 15-day average while obsolete scarp inventory turns over in 30 days on average.
The new projects will be a plastic container and package recycling project to manufacture plastic pallets and pellets, a fluorescent light recycling project to recycle ferrule and glass, and a scarp wood recycling project to recycle scrap wood as a raw material for paper manufacturers.