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SCARPSchool of Community and Regional Planning (Canada)
SCARPSalinity Control & Reclamation Programme (Pakistan)
SCARPStructured Capital-at-Risk Product (UK)
SCARPStudent Coalition Against Racial Profiling (Brooklyn, NY)
SCARPSymposium for Cybernetics Annual Research Projects (Cybernetics, School of Systems Engineering; University of Reading; UK)
SCARPSanta Clara Arundo Removal Plan (Ventura County Resource Conservation District; California)
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However, once the buried ice becomes exposed to Mars' atmosphere, a scarp likely grows wider and taller as it "retreats," due to sublimation of the ice directly from solid form into water vapor.
The scarp of the landslide is mainly consists of weathered sandstone, siltstone, shale, and claystone of Murree Formation of Miocene age (Fig.
You can gaze across the near rims and floors of the limb-hugging craters Moretus, Pythagoras, Langrenus, and Zucchius to the bright rim-crest scarps and the jumble of terraces below on their far walls.
They discovered that it is bound by two large scarps - probably created when one side of a geological fault moved vertically with respect to another.
Aerial photographs taken before the area was flooded indicate that the North structure is an elliptical depression approximately 88 m diameter characterized by low relief, discontinuous bedrock scarps that border a wetland devoid of outcrop (Figs.
This resulted in about 70 pipes being selected as the most suitable--well within the manufacturing tolerance--for the Jansz Scarp Crossing pipeline.
A common methodology was used to collect the soil samples across all SCARP projects and by the non-SCaRP projects that contributed samples.
With adequate engineering experience the company provides best of technologies in the field of industrial cooling solutions, air pollution solutions, iron ore reduction, gasification, scarp processing, material handling, briquetting, iron ore beneficiation etc associated with industries and manufacturing units.
Due to huge availability of steel scarp from African and Middle East countries amid falling prices, Indian steel makers opted for the metal scrap to produce steel.
This isn't just a collection of well-known and often-discussed landforms, but includes smaller locales often overlooked but equally important, geologically speaking, from the Reelfoot scarp in Tennessee to Louisiana's Avery Island, which features an 8.
The depression formed by the Burnside-Eden Scarp to the east and the back-slope of the Para Fault Block to the west, was occupied by a lake during the Eocene, as is evidenced by deposits of lacustrine and fluvial sand and clay.
Partly an exploration of 'the energies that underpin the disparate phenomena of the stockbroker belt' and partly a hymn to the poetry of derelict filling stations and the views from high-rise car parks, Scarp could have been pretentious, self-indulgent tripe, but the breadth of Papadimitriou's imagination and his empathy with the landscape mean that it's anything but.