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SCATSSydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System
SCATSSummer Camp for Academically Talented Middle School Students
SCATSSimulation Checkout and Training System
SCATSSuspense Control and Automated Tracking System
SCATSSafety Competency Assessed Training Scheme (UK)
ScatsScotland County Area Transit System
SCATSSequentially Controlled Automatic Transmitter Start
SCATSSquadron Commander's ASW Tactical System
SCATSSuspense, Control, And Tasking System
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RESULTS--We collected 102 scats in 2005 and 64 in 2006.
The number of scats we found was much lower than expected, however, and may indicate a low density of raccoons.
Prey hard parts recovered from scats were compared with hard parts from a reference collection of identified skeletal and nonskeletal hard parts.
Other identified diet items found in less than 10% of coyote scats collected were: muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus), beech nut (Fagus grandifolia), grass seeds (Panicum sp.
Scats have traditionally been sorted to donor species by diameter.
A scat found on top of a rock was sent to the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Ontario, where elaborate microscope analysis uncovered the remains of snowshoe hares.
The SCATS and FAST-TRAC systems, partially implemented in Troy, are both a traffic signal control system utilizing video cameras linked to computers at the intersection to analyze conditions and activate traffic signals to reduce wait time at those traffic signals; and, in-vehicle guidance devices.
To meet the overall traffic needs of this economically critical corridor, the NJMC determined that the most cost-effective and immediate solution to reduce congestion was the upgrade and coordination of the regions signal system, and the deployment of the adaptive traffic control system known as SCATS or the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System.
Collecting scats might not seem like a glamorous job but poo can actually tell us a lot about what s happening in the environment.
Scats at stopping points were counted only once and were recorded as present on the first of four transects.
A pine marten scat (dropping) was found by the trust's conservation officer Kevin O'Hara, confirming the long-held view of mammal experts that the predator does exist in Northumberland, but in such low numbers that very few people ever spot one.
The scats are "hip" with respect to fitting the theme of each person and their instrument.