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SCATSSydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System
SCATSSummer Camp for Academically Talented Middle School Students
SCATSSimulation Checkout and Training System
SCATSSuspense Control and Automated Tracking System
SCATSSafety Competency Assessed Training Scheme (UK)
ScatsScotland County Area Transit System
SCATSSequentially Controlled Automatic Transmitter Start
SCATSSquadron Commander's ASW Tactical System
SCATSSuspense, Control, And Tasking System
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We were not able to collect [greater than or equal to] 20 scats in 12 of 14 sample periods.
We also avoided to collect scats around farmlands or where domestic cats were camera-trapped.
This new protocol will hopefully mean the scats collected on land will be of high quality and reveal more information about what the animals are eating.
when scats are deposited in a non-random manner (over-dispersed or aggregated) to mark territory features (Hines et al.
Jaguar Scat Analyses--Since a minimum sample size of 40 scats has been shown to adequately characterize jaguar diet (Nunez et al.
In this study we analyzed all identifiable prey remains recovered in 291 scat samples to determine if there were differences in River Otter food habits in Lake Ozette as compared to Ozette River, and to determine if River Otters were significant predators of Lake Ozette Sockeye.
Orienteers used latex gloves and plastic Zip-lock bags to collect and store scats in an attempt to maintain a sterile environment and reduce the potential for cross-contamination of samples.
In contrast to our study, a study conducted in 1993 that evaluated the diet of wolves in Adams Inlet, an area 37 km north of our study area, showed that moose occurred in less than 3% of wolf scats classified as moderate age (i.
Plans were also made for an "indoor industrial" version of the SCAT that would be propane-powered.
The criteria given by Jackson and Hunter (1995) were followed for collection of scat samples, the scats of the Asiatic Jackal were distinguished from those of other carnivores such as domestic dog, fox, civet and cats in the same area by their size, shape, scat dimensions (diameter), structure (segmented, non-segmented), characteristics contents (hairs, bones, plant material etc.