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SCAWScientists Center for Animal Welfare (Greenbelt, MD)
SCAWSleeping Children around the World (est. 1970)
SCAWSub-Committee on Animal Welfare
SCAWStudent Coalition against War (Canada)
SCAWSmall Craft Advisory for Winds (US NOAA)
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SCAW obtained from the North Gauteng High Court--Pretoria (High Court) an interdict that restrained ITAC from sending their recommendations to terminate the existing anti-dumping duty in force to the Minister, and also prevented the Minister of Trade from accepting ITAC's recommendation.
To contextualise the matter, Bridon UK and SCAW are direct competitors.
Firstly it is relevant to note that the substantial duties imposed, in words of the Constitutional Court "shielded domestic manufacturers of steel products, including SCAW, from the competition posed by the dumped product of Bridon UK.
SCAW was, in fact, unrivalled within the SACU in the distribution of all the products affected by the duty, even though only fishing rope was found to be dumped.
Nonetheless, the efforts from the Member States to unlawfully limit imports continues to increase as with the SCAW case, pushing a copious number of cases to the WTO and thus evidencing that the Anti Dumping regulations are not only anti-competitive, but also ineffective.