SCBCSmith Chapel Bible College (Florida)
SCBCScience Council of British Columbia
SCBCScarborough Chinese Baptist Church
SCBCSouth Columbia Baptist Church (Columbia, MD)
SCBCSierra Club of British Columbia (Canada)
SCBCScottish Colleges Biotechnology Consortium (UK)
SCBCSussex County Bible Church
SCBCScarsdale Community Baptist Church (Scarsdale, New York)
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Fitch expects SCBC to continue to play an integral role in supporting SC's strategy due to its long history, relationships and branch network in mainland China.
Fitch believes a default by SCBC would constitute a significant reputational risk for SC that could undermine its franchise in China and damage its global reputation as a network bank, notwithstanding the subsidiary's small size.
Fitch does not assign a VR to SCBC as its strategy and operations are closely aligned with those of its parent.
Any change in SCB's VR is likely to lead to similar rating action on SCBC, subject to China's Country Ceiling, which is currently at 'A+'.
And the proposed clustering algorithm is simulated against other five existing clustering algorithms, namely, SCBC, DDVC, DLDC, MPBC, and MOBIC (Mobility-Based Clustering).
From Figure 7, it can be seen that the number of clusters formed using HCA surpasses the number of clusters formed using the SCBC, DDVC, DLDC, MPBC, and MOBIC schemes.
During October and November, the COA, SCBC and Friends of the Senior Center looked at the Courtstreet design agreed upon a design for the center and Leland said the committee is now in the design development phase.
The relative intensity of the L-peak in the final crystallization stage is dependent on the SCBC and the crystallization temperature.
Resins G and L incorporate an [alpha]-octene comonomer, and the SCBC of resin L is lower than that of resin G.
C,n*] is a function of the SCBC, the SCBP, the comonomer volume, the basal (folding) surface free energy, and the MW characteristics.
Thus, the substrate completion rate in LLDPEs is too low to reach the requirements of regime I, especially when the SCBC is high.
This material property depends mainly on the SCBC and SCBD.