SCBDSecretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity
SCBDSupersonic Cluster Beam Deposition (physics)
SCBDStanding Committee on Business Development (Trinidad and Tobago)
SCBDSudirman Center for Business Development
SCBDSuturing of Common Bile Duct
SCBDSenayan Central Business District (Indonesia)
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According to SCBD (2008), 33 of the world's 105 largest cities obtain a significant proportion of their drinking water from protected areas.
Arthatel is a provider of telecommunication system and network for the SCBD area.
The SCBD uses this icon to inspire learners towards careers in these fields.
3), revealing information about the SCBD, show that the bimodal material contains larger proportions of the longest and next but longest ethylene sequences, which crystallize during annealing at 126 and 121[degrees]C, and less macromolecules of higher branching content, which crystallize during annealing below 121[degrees]C.
As preparation for the meeting, the committee prepared a six-page document containing questions and answers about SCBD status and what it would mean for Oakton.
Jorge Gianini conservadas en el SCBD del INTI, se menciona que el uso de BD extranjeras habia sido considerado desde 1975 como modo de acceso a la informacion, pero que su utilizacion solo fue posible en la practica cuando ENTel (Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones) instalo en 1980 el concentrador CIBA (CAICYT, 1982) para la transmision internacional de datos en paquetes, reduciendo considerablemente los costos.
Apart from Conrad Jakarta, when fully completed, the SCBD will feature 60,000 square meters of prime shopping experience -- including an expansive supermarket, upscale retail stores and themed restaurants -- 500 fully equipped and furnished serviced apartments, a state-of-the-art hospital, 200,000 square meters of commercial office space housed in three currently operational office towers, a golf driving range and over 700,000 square meters of underground parking.
Scope : Building on experience in working in the field of biodiversity, JICA will, through this memorandum, cooperate with the SCBD which plays a driving role in biodiversity conservation and sustainable use, and strengthen support for developing countries pertaining to new international rules and mechanisms emerging from the CBD process, such as Payments for Ecosystem Services and Access and Benefit Sharing.
These catalysts are characterized by different active sites that make it difficult to control the SCBD.
With financial support of the Japan Biodiversity Fund established by the Government of Japan, the SCBD carries out capacity building so the national and local governments of developing countries can draft and implement strategies for development by promoting the benefits of ecosystems and biodiversity.