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Arthatel is a provider of telecommunication system and network for the SCBD area.
Its first outlet or flagship store with floor space of 4,000 square meters, was launched with an exhibition concept in the SCBD, Jakarta.
The SCBD uses this icon to inspire learners towards careers in these fields.
The IYA 2009 allowed these activities to be taken to an even higher level, achieving record visitor numbers in both Cape Town and Sutherland, combined with the SCBD reaching into the African continent as a result of international funding support.
3), revealing information about the SCBD, show that the bimodal material contains larger proportions of the longest and next but longest ethylene sequences, which crystallize during annealing at 126 and 121[degrees]C, and less macromolecules of higher branching content, which crystallize during annealing below 121[degrees]C.
Figure 4 illustrates the different crystallization behaviour of the ZN LLDPE materials resulting from the difference in the MMD and SCBD.
This material property depends mainly on the SCBC and SCBD.
As the SCBD becomes broader, the irregularity of the basal surface increases.
The highest price is offered by Pacific Place in SCBD Jakarta with price of US$ 2,000 or Rp 18 million per m2.
In the high class market competition involves The Bellezza Permata Hijau, Oakwood Primier, and Bellagio Mansion di Mega Kuningan, Grand Indonesia, The Capital and Pacific Place di SCBD, Regatta di Pluit, The Peak, and Pakubuwono Residence, Pacific Place in SCBD Jakarta with the highest selling price of Rp 18 million per sq.
The other two still in operation are located at Gedung SCBD, Jakarta and at the Discovery Mall in Bali.
Cesma International of Singapore, a subsidiary of the Singapore Housing & Development Board, was responsible for the complete design of the SCBD project.