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SCCMSouth Carolina Columbia Mission
SCCMSubcommittee on Corrosion & Materials (American Petroleum Institute)
SCCMSecurity Control Compliance Matrix
SCCMSummary of Cost Center Man-Hours
SCCMSelf Checking Computer Module
SCCMSystem COMSEC Control Messages
SCCMSecond Command Code Modifier (Nortel)
SCCMSociety of Critical Care Medicine
SCCMStandard Cubic Centimeters per Minute
SCCMShock Compression of Condensed Matter (Topical group of the American Physical Society)
SCCMSpecialist, Canadian College of Microbiologists (Canada)
SCCMSenior Cabin Crew Member (airline industy)
SCCMSacra Caesarea Catholica Majestas (Italian: Sacred Caesarean Catholic Majesty; codices and manuscripts)
SCCMSoftware Change and Configuration Management
SCCMSystem Center Configuration Manager (Microsoft)
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Parallels Mac Management 6 for Microsoft SCCM empowers IT admins and system architects, as well as CIOs, to quickly and cost-effectively extend their current Microsoft SCCM infrastructure to control Mac and PC computers through one interface.
The PMCCS is staffed by a range of physician, surgical and anaesthetist intensivists, and the potential for specialty-related bias in accepting or refusing patients for admission is reduced by the application of the objective SCCM prioritisation model and interdisciplinary discussion.
Whilst, the highest transmittance is found for the N2 concentration of 20 sccm, which is 97%.
En la Figura 5 se muestran las curvas de carga-descarga para el recubrimientos de TiSi depositados a 0,0 y TiSiN 0,2 sccm [N.
The Fort Rucker team is expanding their use of SCCM to include TRADOC classroom image files.
clinical professor in UC San Diego School of Medicine's department of anesthesiology, reported at the SCCM that a preliminary study of 11 heart surgery patients demonstrated that the FloTrac sensor provided a reliable, minimally invasive method for measuring cardiac output, when compared with the Swan-Ganz catheter.
The 39-staff-member SCCM offered live broadcasts of eight sessions, which were immediately archived and made available on the organization's Web site.
An optimum adhesion strength of about 16 N/cm was achieved between the evaporated Cu and the ppGMA-HDPE surface prepared by plasma polymerization of GMA at 5 W, 100 Pa, 20 sccm for 5 s on the HDPE surface pre-activated by Ar plasma at 35 W, 100 Pa 20 sccm for 20 s.
The test is terminated when 10 SCCM leakage is obtained.