SCCNSwartz Center for Computational Neuroscience (University of California, San Diego)
SCCNSouthern Cross Cable Network (Alcatel/Fujitsu; Australia)
SCCNSouthern California Christian News
SCCNSouthern Caribbean Cetacean Network (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles)
SCCNSheffield Community Childcare Network (UK)
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EEGLAB allows users to interactively explore changes in EEG dynamics time locked to experimental events, implementing an approach to the analysis of event-related EEG dynamics pioneered at CNL and SCCN.
A number of other CNL and SCCN researchers have contributed to the EEGLAB routines, including Colin Humphries, Sigurd Enghoff, Tzyy-Ping Jung, Te-Won Lee and Tony Bell.
Meanwhile, he said, SCCN is continuing to publish all its newspapers, some of which are bilingual.
SCCN recently announced that their cable will begin providing service to customers in November 2000, with the first US West Coast landing scheduled for April 17th, at Nedonna Beach, Oregon.
The SCCN cable will supply much-needed bandwidth for what has been a pent-up demand for capacity to Australia.
Earlier in the day, Miller's boss, SCCN executive editor Steve Berta, had put the pressure on his photographer to get the shots.