SCCOSouthern California College of Optometry (Fullerton, CA)
SCCOSupreme Court Costs Office (UK)
SCCOSoret Coefficient in Crude Oil (experiment)
SCCOSecurity Classification Control Officer
SCCOSuperconducting Cavity Oscillator
SCCOSilver Cost of Crude Oil (financial term)
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Saghir also hopes to use SCCO to address the challenge of greenhouse gas storage.
Unlike the mixtures used in his previous space experiment, SCCO, which were composed of methane, dodecane and n-butane and required high pressures to liquify, this mixture is a liquid at atmospheric pressure, which means it is safe for testing on the ISS.
In addition to investigating the effect of vibrations, this data will also help determine whether the findings of Saghir's SCCO experiment, which applies to oil extraction and developing digital simulators for the petroleum industry, work for water systems.
Likewise, municipal ordinances governing condominium conversion, except for Somerville's SCCO, do not extend protection to tenants residing in rental housing containing fewer than four units prior to conversion.
138) The Massachusetts legislature, however, failed to expressly exempt the SCCO from the general prohibition; only the Conversion Act was mentioned as surviving the rent-control prohibition.
Individuals aggrieved by SCCO board decisions can seek equitable relief in court.
By focusing on economic profit in our ranking, we were able to determine which companies are truly creating value for their investors," said Patrick Furtaw, Partner at SCCO International and a co-author of the report.
When you look at which companies are creating real value for shareholders, Monster Beverage, Herbalife and Qualcomm are at the top of the list," said co-author Steve Chopp, Senior Advisor to SCCO International and adjunct professor at Pepperdine's Graziadio School of Business and Management.
SCCO has been working with clients for over 15 years to assess their business portfolios and develop and implement strategies that achieve sustainable competitive advantages and drive returns for their shareholders.
SCCO was an experiment on board a Proton/Soyuz that exploded at take-off in October 2002.
The contributions that Dorothy has made to Starbucks during her tenure with the Company will help ensure the continued success of SCCO, an important growth driver for the Company," said Donald.
She held the positions of vice president, SCCO Logistics, and vice president, SCCO Finance & Systems, before her promotion to senior vice president, Global Logistics & Procurement.