SCCOCSquamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity
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The reflection paper assignment was designed to encourage students to think deeply about their experiences, to examine their own lens regarding the assessment process using the SCCOC, and to understand their own worldviews.
Seven of the 20 participants used the term eye-opener, and eight others used language suggesting that the experience of conducting the SCCOC and creating an action plan provided new insight about their schools and about cultural competence.
I think conducting the SCCOC was an eye-opening experience because it exposed me to so many aspects of being culturally competent.
Six students wrote about specific strengths they uncovered as they conducted the SCCOC.
The data included eight comments relevant to leadership that incorporated the following themes: (a) the importance of school leaders being included in the assessment process, (b) a possible change in the policies if school leaders were involved in the SCCOC process, (c) opening up lines of communication after conducting the SCCOC, (d) school leaders having access to resources that would be needed to effect change, and (e) uncertainty as to how leaders would react to the SCCOC assessment process.
And, finally, this student summed up the experience: "The SCCOC initiates the assessment, exploration, and awareness of strengths, areas of need, and potential barriers to achieving cultural proficiency.
The SCCOC was transferred to an Intemet format by one of the researchers and e-mailed by the survey company (www.
More specifically, in the present study, the exploratory factor analysis was used to determine the number of factors underlying the 33 items on the SCCOC.
In particular, we specify how many scales were contained within the SCCOC.
At the development stage of the SCCOC, participants had the option to record a "don't know" response.
Although several instruments have been used to assess counselors' competence in working with diverse populations, the SCCOC attempts to assess cultural competence at an organizational level.
SCCOC items also clustered into factors related to Policy (e.