SCCOCSquamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity
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In particular, we specify how many scales were contained within the SCCOC.
At the development stage of the SCCOC, participants had the option to record a "don't know" response.
Although several instruments have been used to assess counselors' competence in working with diverse populations, the SCCOC attempts to assess cultural competence at an organizational level.
SCCOC items also clustered into factors related to Policy (e.
Many of these indicators reflect items also included on the SCCOC checklist and, therefore, appear to support generally the developing definitions of organizational cultural competence.
However, the fact that both scales yielded very high score reliability estimates suggests that the participants, in general, responded appropriately to the SCCOC.
School leaders might use the SCCOC to conduct culture audits to develop school improvement plans and comprehensive guidance programs.
As part of the overall culture audit, which might include surveys, focus group interviews, and analysis of preexisting data, individual audit team members can complete the SCCOC by providing a perceived rating for each item and noting or attaching evidence or documentation to support their ratings.
The SCCOC as a diagnostic tool is designed to focus on areas for needed improvement to guide planning.