SCCmecStaphylococcal Cassette Chromosome mec
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Regarding typing of chromosome cassette mec (SCCmec), a high percent of isolates classified as CA-MRSA and HA-MRSA harbored SCCmec type IVc (n = 73, 70.
Present study showed that all oxacillin resistant strains possessed mecA and SCCmec type II-III in 2 isolates (18.
Genotyping methods include the determination of plasmid profile, ysis of chromosomal DNA, Southern hybridization, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE), polymerase chain reaction (PCR), SCCmec typing and sequence-typing.
Con la aplicacion de esta aproximacion se han identificado los tipos SCCmec del I al X, y algunas variantes epidemiologicamente pertinentes (por ejemplo, los subtipos IA y IIIA) (34-36).
Para la determinacion de los tipos de SCCmec se disenaron iniciadores dirigidos al complejo de genes ccr (tabla i): en cuanto a la determinacion de los subtipos, se emplearon los iniciadores y las condiciones reportados por Escobar y colaboradores y por Milheirico y colaboradores (24,25).
Ten MRSA strains with SCCmec III genotype and mecA gene were obtained and characterized from the infectious sputum samples of critically ill patients in Kunming General Hospital as previously reported (An et al.
With many commercial assays, SA strains carrying SCCmec where the mecA gene is absent (commonly called dropout mutants ) may be incorrectly classified as MRSA.
SCCmec elements have been classified into eight different types (I-VIII) and some of them are divided further into subtypes [6, 7].