SCDESouth Carolina Department of Education
SCDESchool, College, or Department of Education
SCDESignificant CALS (Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle Support) Data Element
SCDESupercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction
SCDESistema de Coleta de Dados de Energia Elétrica (Data Collection System of Electric Power, Brazil)
SCDESolaris Common Desktop Environment (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
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As suck the term "professional development school" has been used to describe almost every form of "partnership" between P-12 schools and SCDEs.
These participants, representing hundreds of SCDEs and the schools/districts with which they partner, engage in deliberative dialogues about the ever-increasing range of topics critical to the success of PDSs: strategies for beginning and sustaining PDS relationships; the challenges inherent in designing effective PDSs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels; suggestions for effective mentoring of teacher candidates and induction-year teachers; sharing of best classroom practices; and developing meaningful research techniques for assessing the impact of PDSs on P-12 student achievement.
Unlike the Inbound Logistics and SCDE honors which award companies following evaluation by the publications' editors, the annual Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies awards stem from technology users who submit nominations to the publication.
Leaping ahead of the industry, Alps has addressed this need with the development of the SCDE Series 4-in-1 connector.