SCDESouth Carolina Department of Education
SCDESchool, College, or Department of Education
SCDESignificant CALS (Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle Support) Data Element
SCDESupercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction
SCDESistema de Coleta de Dados de Energia Elétrica (Data Collection System of Electric Power, Brazil)
SCDESolaris Common Desktop Environment (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
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i)--and time to lengthy preparation requirements, and remain unconnected to "burdensome" and ill-reputed SCDEs before obtaining paid teaching positions.
Everyone, P-12 and SCDEs included, exists in a world of standardized assessment and high-stakes testing.
In rare instances, were these efforts the result of active collaboration between the library and the SCDE.
SCDE faculty members are right to question the political whims, ideological posturing, and contempt for the subtleties of teaching and learning that all too often characterize the policies enacted by state departments and boards of education.
Unlike the Inbound Logistics and SCDE honors which award companies following evaluation by the publications' editors, the annual Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies awards stem from technology users who submit nominations to the publication.
We analyzed these factors in terms of how the things over which SCDEs have direct control (e.
What programs within the SCDE emphasize action research?
Our data suggest that this is a dynamic time for SCDE regarding partner school work.
Leaping ahead of the industry, Alps has addressed this need with the development of the SCDE Series 4-in-1 connector.
For the past decade, much of the discussion about the topic of alternative certification for teachers has centered on the tensions between SCDE and alternative teacher education programs and the relative merits and drawbacks of the two delivery systems--one in which candidates complete initial certification prior to employment and one that provides training to candidates while they are employed as full-time teachers.
The role of SCDE faculty in school-based research of these reform efforts is more critical than ever.
With each step in the transition, the status of teacher education in institutional priorities dropped and, with it, the status of and identity of the SCDE (Ducharme, 1987; Ducharme & Agne, 1986).