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SCEPTRESystem for Circuit Evaluation & Prediction of Transient Radiation Effect
SCEPTRESheffield Centre for Product Development and Technological Resources (Sheffield Hallam University, UK)
SCEPTRESoftware-Controlled Experimental Processing/Processor for Torpedo Research
SCEPTRESystem Computerized for Economical Performance, Tracking, Recording, and Evaluation (airline technology)
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None had anything to prove on count of stamina and Rock Sand disputed the lead in the first half of the race with no-hoper Oriole, but to widespread surprise he began to struggle on the turn for home and was swiftly passed by Sceptre and then Ard Patrick.
Sceptre operates amusement arcade machines across the UK, with more than 25,000 machines being operated from ten regional depots.
It follows the restoration of a statue of Victoria's son Edward VII which was also missing its sceptre until a carbon copy of the regal regalia was added in December.
She is owned by Sceptre Preservation Society and will be open at Albert Dock from April 29 to May 8.
An MoD spokeswoman said: "Submarines such as HMS Sceptre are dismantled in an environmentally way and as much material as possible is recycled.
Neighbourhood Sgt Paul Duncan said: "Following the tragic accident which happened at Sceptre Place last year we have since received an allegation, which has been fully investigated.
The Sceptre Awards are held annually to recognise best practice in the shopping centre industry.
Then it was identified as a 17th century sceptre made for Chinese emperor Qianlong to bring its owner good fortune.
First we read in Duval, 1902 that he created Vriesea Sceptre d'or in the period 1895-1900 from Rex x V.
The Sutton Hoo sceptre and the roots of Celtic kingship theory.
Peter Drabble has been named as a finalist in the 2005 SCEPTRE Awards, which recognise the best practice and the best people in the shopping-centre industry.
Included in the Sceptre TC GPRS package is a new integrated chip design, enhanced audio performance, improved software and protocol stack processing as well as support for multimedia and data features such as digital photo imaging, MMS, web browsing, colour displays and Java games.