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SCER has been working to prepare the new electronic electoral system ever since the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) and the General People's Congress (GPC) agreed last year to replace the old electoral register.
Al-Hakimi said SCER was forced to extend the voting in some polling stations for two hours because of influx of voters.
Third, the elections were held in a political climate characterized by strong distrust of the SCER by the JMP.
It was thought by some that the Episcopal Church could more easily and swiftly enter that agreement than resolve the difficulties SCER perceived in the COCU documents.
The PWG urged the CDC to complete the first draft of the constitution as soon as possible, and the SCER to finalize the new voter registry ahead of the referendum next year.
SCER head Judge Mohammed Al-Hakimi told the Yemen Times that the committee's next step will be to finalize preparations for practice registrations and to select the company that will print election materials and raise awareness about voter registration requirements.
During the first meeting, Head of the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum's (SCER) Mohammed al-Hakimi and UK ambassador to Yemen Jane Marriott reviewed the SCER available options to undertake to implement an electoral electronic register, especially in the light of the current situation the country is experiencing currently.
the SCER and electoral security stakeholders monitor and mitigate risk and to increase its
SCER and the political parties disagreed over the percentage SCER had allocated to each political party in the supervisory committees that will oversee the work of the main and sub-committees in each governorate during the elections scheduled for February of next year.
He renewed the UN commitment to provide all possible help for the SCER to ensure helping the elections in a peaceful and orderly way, Yemen News Agency (SABA) reported.
Six members of the SCER (five from the ruling party and one dissenter from the Socialists) took oath on Saturday and launched preparations for parliamentary polls scheduled for April 2009.