SCFOSmall Coconut Farmers Organization (Philippines)
SCFOSierra Cascade Family Opportunities (est. 1989; California)
SCFOSouthern California Field Office (marine safety)
SCFOSouth Coast Fiber Optics (Florida)
SCFOSonoma County Film Office
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During the 'issuer call period', starting in February 2012, and following an optional redemption, the collateral manager will arrange for the redemption of SCFO FF shares on each payment date.
In addition to the beneficial impact of higher butyrate concentrations in the colon, scFOS can also affect carcinogenic exposure levels of the epithelial mucosa.
Effects of dietary scFOS on immunoglobulins in colostrums and milk of bitches.
The genesis behind scFOS and its benefits goes back 20 years to Japan, where medical researchers discovered a local population with dramatically enhanced intestinal health.
The comparative, randomized, double-blind trial included 105 human subjects in two groups receiving either 5 grams of scFOS or 5 grams of placebo per day over a 6-week period.
More and more consumers are making the connection between health and diet, and with added fiber, be it prebiotic fiber such as scFOS or otherwise, many health benefits can be realized (i.
GTC Nutrition, Golden, CO, has announced that the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has adopted an official definition of "fructooligosaccharide" and that its FortiFeed scFOS product meets that definition.
As part of the agreement, Corn Products acquired a majority ownership stake in GTC Nutrition and constructed a production channel to produce scFOS products in Ontario, Canada.
Proprietary natural fermentation process for 95% pure scFOS
For example, the sidebar article failed to mention that more than 25 scientific studies, including five human studies, demonstrate that sugar-derived scFOS significantly increases mineral absorption at lower inclusion rates than enriched inulin.