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SCIFSensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SCIFState Compensation Insurance Fund
SCIFSecure Compartmentalized Information Facility
SCIFSeed Co-Investment Fund (New Zealand Venture Investment Fund)
SCIFSindicato da Carreira de Investigação e Fiscalização (Portugal, Union of the Career of Inquiry and Fiscalização)
SCIFSpacecraft Interface
SCIFSingle Console Image Facility
SCIFSpecial Classified Intelligence Facility (common but incorrect)
SCIFSupply Chain Innovation Forum
SCIFSustainable Communities Initiative Fund
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Doug Painter, NSSF president, expressed the appreciation of the Foundation: "We are delighted to have SCIF as a major new partner in the Hunting Heritage Partnership.
80) Construction companies estimate that the cost of building a SCIF in an existing state/local facility can cost $200-$500 per square foot, and sometimes more depending on the requirements of the federal sponsoring agency.
Cristo received TTD and vocational rehabilitation benefits from Golden Eagle and SCIF.
The scene is now set for an intriguing return when the teams meet again in the third round of the SCIF Cup at Perth on September 5.
By building a new, state-of-the-art SCIF right here in Madison, our young people who earn degrees in cybersecurity or related fields will be able to work directly on national security and cyber issues without having to leave home.
she does go out several times a day to an office they've crafted for her outside the SCIF and plays email catch up," Reid said in another email.
Third, though the MIRC has abundant SCIF space, the vision of building RC extensions to each ASCC theater Analysis and Control Elements (ACE) made it blatantly obvious that SCIFs were not configured properly to establish an operational footprint.
However, Fairbanks also said SCIF would be used on a regular basis, because employees with appropriate clearances must engage in secure communications with other federal agencies and law enforcement during the normal course of business.
The 70,000 square-foot facility will accommodate all of Millennium's satellite engineering, manufacturing and mission operations activities in addition to 12,000 sq-ft of dedicated SCIF space.
The sale or disposition of SCIF's assets and liabilities authorized by (the law) could have disastrous consequences for SCIF itself, for the buyer or buyers of its assets or liabilities, for other workers' compensation insurers in California, for hundreds of thousands of businesses in California that purchase workers' compensation insurance from SCIF and for the overall operation of workers' compensation insurance in California," the filing also states.