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SCOLASatellite Communications for Learning
SCOLASutton College of Learning for Adults (UK)
SCOLAStanding Committee on Legal Assistants (American Bar Association)
SCOLAStanding Conference on London Archaeology (est. 1992; UK)
SCOLASecond Consortium of Local Authorities (UK)
SCOLAStanding Committee on Language Articulation (British Columbia, Canada)
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One could easily complete a SCOLA "insta-class" or GLOSS lesson in one hour, so a linguist can sustain language proficiency with minimal impact on mission requirements.
Francis Lajba, president and CEO of SCOLA, says, "Over the years, SCOLA has amassed a wealth of international language resources and materials.
L ~ harmonization of existing features COLCHIC and SCOLA,
Minor change of the graphic COLCHIC and SCOLA (logos, colors, font).
We have supported SCOLA with digital hardware, engineering assistance and transponder capacity for the past five years.
Francis Lajba, President of SCOLA comments on the long time relationships with FTI, "Years ago when SCOLA decided to make the move from analog to digital broadcasting, FTI was there to help.
The grass practice green was lost to a disease late last year, but the Scolas are trying to bring it back.