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SCRAGSenior Representative of the Attorney General
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Age, BMI and CD4 Count Characteristics Distribution of SCRAG Positive and SCRAG Negative Patients Type SCRAG Positive(n=7) Characteristic Age in years BMI (kg/[m.
However, comparison with a suite of samples from elsewhere in the Scrag Lake pluton demonstrates that planar microstructures (some with possible decoration), kink banding, and grain mosaicism occur only in samples from the rim of the North structure and are similar to petrographic features observed in samples from the rim of the Bloody Creek structure.
Certainly his markers must have been whisked back to their childhood playing against the best kid in school when he picked up the ball inside his own half, dismissed Solvi Jonsson's desperate attempts to scrag him back like a teenage toying with a toddler and then cut inside a bewildered Kari Arnason to rifle home his 12th goal for his country.
Moyes would be planning frugal, hearty meals on a shoe-string budget with scrag ends of meat and vegetables grown on his allotment.
Getting the play away from a breakdown is one area like that, and you find when you get the ball it is not very consistent with bodies everywhere and people trying to scrag your collar or drag you in.
Tom Dawson, playing at fly half, threw a dummy and raced 40 metres and almost scored only for the winger tracking back to scrag him down just short of the line.
Then there are those joyless midweek evenings spent dining on mediocre scrag, desperately trying to find a positive among a bouillabaisse of negatives: "The butter was fresh.
How many of us nowadays would buy scrag end of lamb or brisket or pig's hocks?
Devonian monzogranite, namely the Scrag Lake and Kejimkujik plutons, and leucomonzogranite, the Davis Lake Pluton, intruded the Halifax and Goldenville formations (Horne and Corey 1994).
There he goes, leaving many of his choice cuts on the shelf and still puts out the most succulent chateaubriand against Everton's scrag end of lamb.
In Great Apes, a chimp "drags himself backwards across the yard arse aloft, ischial scrag nervously puckered" to greet another.
I couldn't help but be disappointed that my chips were thinner than normal, with plenty of scrag ends.