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SCRAPSecurity Camera Recording Application
SCRAPScroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts (San Francisco, CA)
SCRAPSchool and Community Reuse Action Project (Portland, OR)
SCRAPSchool Communities Recycling All Paper (Australia)
SCRAPSmall County Road Assistance Program (Florida)
SCRAPState Conservation and Rescue Archaeology Program (New Hampshire)
SCRAPStudent Creative Recycle Art Program (California)
SCRAPSupercaliber Rocket-Assisted Projectile
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In other cases, continue examining the vehicle and then individual scrap items in the vehicle, starting with material closest to the exterior areas where radiation levels were detected;
Craig retained an interest in the scrap business and, after attending college, he began working for an Atlanta area scrap recycler.
000 in September and October has stimulated stainless steel scrap availability and most mills are able to maintain their scrap ratios," he noted.
Texas, Alabama, Michigan and Ohio were tops in improving the scrap tire situation in 2005 as compared to 2003.
But the global commodities markets that underlie the prices being paid for scrap steel, copper and aluminum can be fickle beasts.
Also systems for recycling scrap into blown film, pipe, or profile.
The Emergency Steel Scrap Coalition and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc.
He gathered scrap on evenings and weekends for 10 or 15 years," he recalls.
More than 1 billion scrap tires were stockpiled in 1990.
NGR-Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen from Germany is exhibiting X:Gran, the world's largest one-step recycling line, able to convert whole bales of fiber, raffia, non-woven, or carpet scrap into pellets.