SCROScottish Criminal Records Office (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
SCROSouth Central Regional Office
SCROSociety for the Conservation and Research of Owls
SCROScottish Cave Rescue Organisation
SCROShutdown Control Room Operator
SCROSoftware Control and Reference Office
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SCRO, DD/FS 5/7 (5 Aug 1788); DD/FS 5/2 (25 Oct 1792).
169) In other words, the SCRO had allegedly made two erroneous identifications in a single investigation.
In subsequent interviews, both CSH (customer service head) and SCRO said that BM Deguito told them that she would rather process withdrawals 'kaysa mamatay siya at ang pamilya niya' (instead of she and her family being killed), the report said.
The Scottish Executive ruled out an inquiry after Lord Advocate Colin Boyd decided there was not enough evidence to prosecute the SCRO officers.
But an interest in forensics soon led to a career with the SCRO.
At the urging of the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine, many institutions, including Stanford, organized Stem Cell Research Oversight, or SCRO, committees to grapple with the legal, ethical and scientific issues of human embryonic stem cell research.
He added: "Without accepting any liability on the part of SCRO, ministers or Strathclyde Police, I thought that this lady had had a pretty rough time.
In a letter to the Lord Advocate Colin Boyd, Swann's solicitor David Russell said: 'While you effectively supported the Asbury appeal, you failed to give disclosure that wholly unequivocal evidence was held - prepared at the highest level by SCRO - establishing that the mark on the tin which was recovered from Asbury's home was the right forefinger print of Marion Ross.
He said: "Now we've seen the document it's very clear to me that the four SCRO officers should lose their jobs.
Asked if the SCRO officers who made the original identification had made a mistake he said: "They haven't.