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SCROUNGEStudents for Computer Recycling to Offer Underrepresented Groups in Education (Pennsylvania)
SCROUNGESelective Collection and Redistribution of Other Units Nonchalantly Guarded Equipment
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Wisner's obvious first task, before any of the skullduggery could be mounted, was to scrounge up the cash to pay for it all.
Like me, you must be wondering what other two-word, self-canceling campaign keynotes are available for the marginal flotsam candidates to scrounge for.
However, he managed to scrounge up $15,000, and Chapples Ltd.
Amazon managed to scrounge up the few results there was on the
Then there will be less inclination to scrounge and no excuse for anyone who does.
And it would take them five thousand years at their present rate of fiddling to scrounge as much as Sir Fred's recent failures cost the treasury.
It seemed like a pretty straight forward project and I was able to scrounge all of the components.
He had to scrounge up an estimated 28 tickets for friends and family members, including Munyon, his bridge- jumping partner.
troops are complaining they have to scrounge for equipment, six Ohio-based reservists were court-martialed for taking Army vehicles abandoned in Kuwait by other units so they could carry out their own unit's mission to Iraq," reported the AP on December 12.
The plan is to treat their addiction so they won't need to scrounge.