SCRTCSouth Central Rural Telephone Cooperative
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We are extremely pleased that we can help service providers such as SCRTC become more competitive by building flexible, efficient Ethernet networks.
SCRTC is a local exchange carrier in southern Kentucky.
Utilizing Next Level's commercially proven platform, SCRTC members are able to deliver more than 1 Mbps of high-speed data, two streams of DVD quality digital video and integrated voice service at distances beyond 10,000 feet from the nearest central office or remote terminal.
Our digital TV services to date have been isolated to within a few of miles of our main facilities, and our goal with this new deployment is to enable these services for our more rural customers," said Forrest Wilson, assistant general manager at SCRTC.
Those who have been waiting to see a successful deployment of ADSL-based digital TV services need look no further than what SCRTC has achieved utilizing the Next Level Full Service Access Platform," said J.
SCRTC has also found that its video offering is driving adoption of DSL Internet services.
When I first heard about this technology several years ago, I thought there's no way this is possible to deploy without costing several thousand dollars per subscriber," said Kyle Jones, technical services engineer of SCRTC.