SCSFSouth Carolina State Fair
SCSFState Contractual Scholarship Fund (North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority)
SCSFSouthern Center for Sustainable Forests (Duke University; North Carolina)
SCSFSmart Client Software Factory
SCSFSpolek Ceských Studentu Farmacie
SCSFÉcole Secondaire Catholique Sainte-Famille (French: Holy Family Catholic High School; Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
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SCSF initially committed to making the scholarships available for a period of three years.
SCSF asked an independent research team to conduct an experimental evaluation of the impact of the intervention on student achievement and other outcomes, such as school climate and school quality, as reported by the students' parents or other guardians.
In this paper, we extend the original evaluation of the SCSF program by estimating impacts of the offer of a voucher on college enrollment.
We used the names and dates of birth of SCSF scholarship applicants, collected at eligibility verification sessions, to match them to NSC records.
We are extremely appreciative of the continued support of our limited partners and remain enthusiastic about investment opportunities for SCSF II.
Because SCSF awarded scholarships by means of a lottery, it was possible to evaluate the pilot program using a scientific method regularly employed in medical research, the randomized field trial (RFT).
Fortunately, SCSF was willing to permit a rigorous, independent evaluation of its pilot program, and my colleagues and I were able to obtain funds for the evaluation from a broad network of private foundations.
The firm responsible for the evaluation, Mathematica Policy Research, administered the lottery in order to leave no doubt about its integrity; SCSF announced the winners.
Satzberg, Managing Director, commented, "I am delighted to join Sun Capital and the SCSF team and to take advantage of an excellent platform from which to develop further opportunities in the distressed debt and loan markets.
NYSE: FBN) ("Furniture Brands" or the "Company") stating that its affiliate, SCSF Equities, LLC, is nominating three candidates for election to the Company's Board at the upcoming 2008 Annual Meeting of Shareholders on May 1, 2008.
We want to inform you that our affiliate SCSF Equities, LLC ("Sun Capital") today filed a Preliminary Proxy Statement in connection with its nomination of three candidates for election to the Board of Directors of Furniture Brands International, Inc.