SCSGSouth Carolina State Guard
SCSGSouthern California Selene Group (astronomy; CA)
SCSGSwimming Club Strombeek Grimbergen
SCSGSpace and C3I Systems Group (US Air Force)
SCSGSpecialty Care Services Group (Nashville, TN)
SCSGSolihull Cycling Steering Group (UK)
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The idea of Marner's money kept growing in vividness, now the want of it had become immediate; the prospect of having to make his appearance with the muddy boots of a pedestrian at Batherley, and to encounter the grinning queries of stablemen, stood unpleasantly in the way of his impatience to be back at Raveloe and carry out his felicitous plan; and a casual visitation of his waistcoat-pocket, as he was ruminating, awakened his memory to the fact that the two or three small coins his forefinger encountered there were of too pale a colour to cover that small debt, without payment of which the stable-keeper had declared he would never do any more business with Dunsey Cass.
I'm not talking of the horses, but of the stablemen.
We don't need more than four stablemen for twelve horses.
She was the favourite of her father and of the stablemen.
The Oakland harness-washers and stablemen, with few exceptions, had gone out with the teamsters.
One of the stablemen who had not gone out, Henderson by name, worked at Billy's stables.
Sir Percival himself dismissed the grooms and stablemen, sending them, with all the horses but one, to London.
M, [Mathematical Expression Omitted] contains a subtly fair, green SCSG [Mathematical Expression Omitted] reachable from start state ([Mathematical Expression Omitted], [q.
If C is an obviously fair, green SCSG of B, then the subgraph of [Mathematical Expression Omitted] induced by the representatives of nodes in C, [Mathematical Expression Omitted], is a subtly fair, green SCSG of [Mathematical Expression Omitted].
If [Mathematical Expression Omitted] is a subtly fair, green SCSG of [Mathematical Expression Omitted] and [Mathematical Expression Omitted] is any node of [Mathematical Expression Omitted], then unwind([Mathematical Expression Omitted], [Mathematical Expression Omitted]) is an obviously fair, green SCSG of [Mathematical Expression Omitted].
The threaded graph associated with (the subgraph of [Mathematical Expression Omitted] induced by) SCSG [Mathematical Expression Omitted] is the graph [Mathematical Expression Omitted] where
corresponding to the SCSG [Mathematical Expression Omitted] shown in Figure 3.