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SCSISmall Computer System Interface
SCSISmall Computer Standard Interface
SCSISmall Computer Serial Interface
SCSISystem Can't See It
SCSISociété Canadienne de Santé Internationale (Canadian Society for International Health)
SCSISub-Committee on Statistics and Information (fisheries)
SCSISociety for Computer Simulation, International
SCSIState Collection Service, Inc (Madison, Wisconsin)
SCSIShodor Computational Science Institute
SCSISource Coding with Side Information
SCSISouthern California Systems, Incorporated
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Library manufacturers will be coming out with new products in the next year that will no longer require a SCSI connection to control the robot, but each tape drive will still require a dedicated Fibre Channel link to the SAN.
T10 forwarded Serial Attached SCSI to INCITS at our May 8, 2003 meeting, where it will go through a 45-day public review period," said John Lohmeyer, Chair of the T10 Technical Committee and Principal Engineer, LSI Logic.
The SCSI doesn't care about the color of the uniforms.
With a properly installed SCSI adapter card in a PC expansion slot (an internal plug designed to accommodate added peripherals), a user can connect up to seven peripherals.
John Lohmeyer, Principal Engineer, LSI Logic, and Chair of the T10 Technical Committee, commented, "Between 1982 and 1984, numerous additional enhancements and functionality were added to SCSI and in 1986, the first SCSI standard was published by ANSI.
ATA drives consume as much as 40% less power than SCSI equivalents.
The goal of Winstation is to continue to offer our expertise in interface technology which can be used to fill the gaps in widely used products such as the internal SCSI ZIP 250.
For the first time, the highest flash disk capacity in standard disk casing combined with a 320 megabyte per second SCSI bus interface is available on the market.
Improving Reliability (and More) with Serial Attached SCSI
The E-Disk Ultra320 SCSI product line requires no device drivers, is completely bootable and fully compatible with major platforms such as Linux, Solaris, Windows, MacOS and LynxOS, AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, NetBSD, OS/2, QNX, VxWorks, SCO Unixware and Open Server, Solaris x86, and Tru64.
Their ability to effectively extend cabling distances, increase the number of devices attached to each parallel SCSI bus and to isolate failed segments of clustered systems (which were often used to provide failover routing in redundant storage configurations), made expanders an essential component in a large number of installations (see Figure 1).
Each of the new multi-mode terminators' output channels provides termination for one SCSI data signal, parity signal or control signal.