SCVMCSanta Clara Valley Medical Center (San Jose, CA)
SCVMCSons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry (motorcycle club)
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The program offers best practices and guidelines that enabled Price and a team of SCVMC associates to rethink their organization's call center practices.
One area SCVMC identified as a major contributor to its high wait times and dropped calls was the fact that it was placing all callers into the same queue and requiring each caller to answer far too many questions.
Over the course of the several months, a team of Enghouse Interactive engineers worked with the SCVMC IT team to ensure a smooth transition, which included not just removing the legacy system, but setting up and configuring an entirely different IVR process.
The new IVR includes support for nine different languages, plus it enables SCVMC to "pre-sort" callers into key categories.
Among new patients, SCVMC is able to further sort callers into categories such as insured/uninsured, and it has a special queue for commercially insured, Medicare or Medicaid patients (Medi-Cal in California) so it is able to route callers to the appropriate customer service reps.
Watson and Newhall Memorial spokeswoman Janice Newbold declined to comment on the status of SCVMC.
County management has expressed the intent to cap future annual subsidies at $100 million while continuing to seek operational improvements at SCVMC.
2 million health plan members and 200,000 additional SCVMC patients (either uninsured or covered under public or private programs).
SCVMC provides community healthcare services through a network of eight neighborhood health centers located throughout Santa Clara County.