SCVOScottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
SCVOScottish Council of Voluntary Organisations
SCVOSandwell Council of Voluntary Organisations (est. 1997; Smethwick, West Midlands, UK)
SCVOSelective Coronary Vein Occlusion (cardiology)
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Jamie Proudfoot, senior youth support worker at Callander Youth Project, said: "We find the help from SCVO to be invaluable because it helps young people to come along and contribute positively to what we do.
Recent figures published by SCVO suggest the Scottish third sector turns over PS4.
SCVO says the uncertainty surrounding funding is of particular concern, "as a lack of long-term funding makes it harder for the sector to deliver better outcomes and more sustainable public services for Scotland's communities".
The figures were revealed by the SCVO on the eve of their annual meeting The Gathering, held at the SECC in Glasgow today.
SCVO has warned many charities will be unable to continue to subsidise their operations from dwindling reserves as demand for services continues to soar.
John Downie, of the SCVO, added: "If you look at the case studies of Bo'ness, there are 150 charities in Bo'ness turnover of PS2.
But John Downie, director of public affairs for voluntary sector umbrella group SCVO, said: "We've said all along that anything less than wholesale devolution of welfare would be a real missed opportunity to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in our communities, so we're disappointed to see today's offerings fall far short of this.
Shulah Allen, convener of the SCVO, wrote: "We are serious about addressing poverty and inequality once and for all and about protecting the most vulnerable people in Scottish society.
The SCVO want all welfare policy at Holyrood, as well as employment benefit responsibility.
SCVO director of public affairs John Downie said: "We're really happy with the response the Missing Million campaign's getting so far.
John Downie of the SCVO said: "It's appalling to think so many eligible people in Scotland aren't registered and many more won't bother to use their vote.
SCVO director of public affairs John Downie said: "It's a dire situation when more than a million people in Scotland are unlikely to use their vote, particularly with just weeks to go until the biggest decision people have faced in centuries.