SCWASonoma County Water Agency (California)
SCWASuffolk County Water Authority (Hauppauge, NY)
SCWASouth Carolina Waterfowl Association (Pinewood, South Carolina)
SCWASeminole County Watershed Atlas (Florida)
SCWASpecial Child Welfare Allowance (Canada)
SCWASouthwest Car Wash Association
SCWASacramento County Water Agency (California)
SCWASouthern California Whippet Association
SCWASolano County Water Agency (California)
SCWASouthern California Wushu Academy (formerly Southern California Wushu Association; Garden Grove, CA)
SCWASpruce City Wildlife Association (Canada)
SCWASouthern California Writers Association
SCWASuper Constant-Wattage Autotransformer
SCWASugar Cane Wax Alcohols
SCWASoutheastern Connecticut Water Authority
SCWAShasta Cascade Wonderland Association (Anderson, CA)
SCWASouthern Championship Wrestling Alliance (Memphis, Tennessee)
SCWASouthern California Wrestling Association
SCWAScale Combat Warship Association
SCWASonoma County Wineries Association (Rohnert Park, CA)
SCWASewickley Creek Watershed Association (Pennsylvania)
SCWASwatara Creek Watershed Association (Pennsylvania)
SCWASquared Circle Wrestling Alliance (Wentworth, NC)
SCWASequoyah County Water Association (Oklahoma)
SCWASingle Channel Wire Access
SCWASeely Creek Watersheds Association (Redway, CA)
SCWAStroud's Consummate Winsock Apps
SCWASupervisor Control Work Area
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In this impact brief, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) will evaluate the importance of TWS FP1, SCWA, and the new pricing model for the overall workload automation marketplace, as well as for the market for cloud platforms.
We're helping SCWA and Valley of the Moon to more efficiently analyze data, anticipate problems and manage resources," said IBM Smarter Water Program Director Michael Sullivan.
The idea is to create a common operating picture - a collaboration platform - for SCWA and its retail water providers that provides a near real-time operating picture of the Russian River and the associated water transmission system," said IBM Big Green Innovations Vice President Sharon Nunes.
The cutbacks were needed to preserve water levels in Lake Mendocino, a critical part of the agency's and region's water supply network, and to comply with Federal Endangered Species Act requirements for lower flows in Dry Creek, through which SCWA conveys water from Warm Springs Dam for water supply.
We sought the biggest bang for public funds, and that's why we're targeting landscapes -- which use the lion's share of urban water -- with a solution proven to conserve four times more water than any other technology," said David Okita, general manager, SCWA.
SCWA operates the largest groundwater system in the country and maintains an abundant raw water supply from deep aquifers beneath Long Island, NY.
SCWA did not increase rates in fiscal years 2002-2005; a 3.
Jaimie Douglas said, "I feel privileged to have worked with the SCWA and the winery members and corporate sponsors for the past 6 years.
776 which directs staff to pursue water resources to provide reliable supply through the General Plan building horizon, Including development of our own ground water, additional urban recycling, additional supplies from SCWA.
SCWA pumps about 60 billion gallons of raw water a year from three underground aquifers, which have an estimated capacity of 60 trillion gallons.
The SCWA has not had a rate increase in the last four years and average residential rates are well below those of other comparable public water suppliers in the region, and are less than 1% of per capita personal income in Suffolk County.
Subject to various provisions of the SCWA agreement including approval under the California Environmental Quality Act, SCWA will assume responsibility for providing replacement water to American States Water Company and other impacted water purveyors.