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Differences in performance between participants with frontal lesions and controls have been found using the SCWT (Mattson & Levin, 1990; Vendrell et al.
Following the screening measures, the WCST, SCWT, and the Purdue Pegboard were administered.
Compared to their controls, the ADHD group also performed significantly worse on the color, color/word, and interference scores of the SCWT.
The control measure was used in order to rule out the possibility that differences on the WCST and SCWT might be due to general impairment.
They found significant differences on both the SCWT and the WCST in adolescents with ADHD as compared with non-ADHD adolescents.
The WCST and SCWT have been suggested to specifically probe the dorsolateral area of the prefrontal cortex (Milner, 1963; Fuster, 1997; Kolb & Whishaw, 1990).
Table 2 shows that the groups differed significantly in the following scores: cancellation test (GF)--omission errors and time; trail making test-A/B--time; SCWT/C errors and time; SCWT/CW--errors and time; SCWT (facilitation-errors); SCWT (interference-errors).
Post-hoc comparisons with the Bonferrori test scores indicated that: according to cancellation test (GF)--time and omission errors; trail making test-A--time; SCWT-C --errors and time; SCWT/CW--errors and time; SCWT (facilitation-errors); SCWT (interference-errors), the DD group had higher scores than the other two groups.