SCXISignal Conditioning Extension for Instrumentation
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StrainDAQ-px is a PC-based solution utilizing the National Instruments PXI-1010 combination chassis for PXI/CompactPCI and SCXI modules.
Engineers can use the new NI USB mainframes to take advantage of the high-performance, industry-standard USB port found on most PCs to instantly control any SCXI switch.
The customizing process begins with selecting features from a menu of modular elements such as PXI or desktop computer, specific SCXI modules, and terminals or National Instruments' terminal blocks (TBX).
The control hierarchy for the plastic melt temperature and other process variables were based on the utilization of the following software and hardware components; (i) a 16 bit 32 channel AT-MIO-64-F analog input system, (ii) a 16 bit 10 channel AT-AO-10 analog output board, (iii) a timing board with 6 programmable counters capable waveform generation up to 1 MHz and, (iv) a SCXI system comprising of a digital relay and input array modules.
The SCXI-1600 DAQ module delivers plug-and-play USB connectivity to 40 measurement modules within the NI SCXI signal conditioning platform.
Machine control and data acquisition were facilitated by utilizing an IBM compatible 486 DX2 66 MHz computer equipped with the following peripherals from National Instruments: an AT-MIO-64F analog-to-digital (A/D) 32 differential 12 bit channel input, a PC-TIO-10 counter/timer having 10 channels with 16 bit resolution and waveform generation ability, and a SCXI 1100 programmable gain signal conditioning module capable of accepting 32 analog inputs.
Engineers and scientists using National Instruments (Nasdaq:NATI) SCXI signal conditioning hardware now can convert their SCXI chassis into complete plug-and-play data acquisition (DAQ) systems with the new SCXI-1600 USB DAQ module.
Three new NI hardware devices -- NI SC-2350, NI BNC-2096 and SCXI-1314T -- include the circuitry required to communicate with TEDS, offering Sensors Plug&Play integration for systems using NI SCC and SCXI signal conditioning or dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) devices.
Engineers can further increase system flexibility by using the new instruments with NI PCI-based multimeters, data acquisition boards, image acquisition boards and high-density SCXI switching.
National Instruments (Nasdaq:NATI) extends its switch offering with the release of five new high-density PXI and SCXI flexible switch modules that deliver increases of 433 percent in relay density.