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SCXMLState Chart XML
SCXMLState Chart Extensible Markup Language (computer programming)
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He maintains that SCXML is analogous to a car's automatic transmission.
An SCXML script can invoke a VoiceXML script or directly control an ASR or TTS engine, even though VoiceXML, ASR, and TTS are not defined as part of the SCXML specification.
SCXML could also be used as a multimodal control language.
We extend the SCXML standard and introduce the hybrid state machine programming paradigm to building control domain, where automatic merge of state machines is viable to non-developers.
Intervoice's leadership in utilizing the SCXML standard is also instrumental in helping service providers transition applications from TDM to SIP and IMS.
It is the first commercially available solution to utilize SCXML to enable multimodal interaction spanning customer self-service and live assistance.
To get a feel for SCXML and its capabilities, I talked with Jim Barnett, a member of the architecture team at Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories and editor-in-chief of the SCXML specification.
Barnett: SCXML doesn't have built-in speech capabilities.
SCXML is designed to be able to call out to any other language.
Intervoice is one of the first companies to have a commercial implementation of SCXML to manage complex call control, service orchestration, and application delivery, all of which allow for a high degree of extensibility, rapid application development, and service creation.
The SCXML Interaction Manager sends messages to the Web browser and voice browser telling them to speak or display information.
The company also takes the industry lead in its adoption of SCXML, something one analyst suggests will give it a big advantage moving forward.