SCYFCSalesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers (Dallas, TX)
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Delane Kinney will be discussing the educational and counseling services the SCYFC provides to at-risk and troubled families and children in the community and the support that the donations from Championship provide for the Centers.
The contributions, both financial and physical, help the SCYFC continue our mission of helping transform children's futures and create new possibilities for success.
SCYFC operates innovative programs for at-risk children and their families, including a laboratory school in Oak Cliff and family therapy centers in Oak Cliff and Northwest Dallas.
Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers is honored to be the recipient of the CRESTOR Charity Challenge," said Kent Skipper, SCYFC executive director.
The SCYFC received more than $6 million as the Verizon Byron Nelson Classic's charitable beneficiary in both 2000 and 2001.
SCYFC provides mental health and education services through the following programs: Salesmanship Club Youth Camp, Family Therapy and the J.