SD1Start Deutsch 1 (German language program)
SD1Shigella Dysenteriae Type 1
SD1School District #1 (Powell, WY)
SD1Sanitation District No. 1 of Northern Kentucky (Wright, KY)
SD1Steward First Class (Naval Rating)
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In the Poincare plot, the variables were SD1 (short variation of RR interval) and SD2 (represents HRV in long-term records).
There was a significant reduction in the rMSSD and SD1 from 30% of 1RM in relation to rest for both groups (Figure 2A and B, respectively), and a reduction in SDNN from 30% of 1RM in relation to rest only in the CG (Figure 2D).
The two basic nonlinear parameters are SD1 and SD2--so called the Poincare plot descriptors [21].
of DI (%) ([degrees]C) SD1 1 160 SD2 2 160 SD3 3 160 SD4 1 170 SD5 2 170 SD6 3 170 SD7 1 175 SD8 2 175 SD9 3 175 SD10 1 180 SD11 2 180 SD12 3 180 Formulation Composition and codes formulation parameters Outlet temp.
Leading up to SD1, the waveform amplitude ramped up and the [+ or -] 5 V dynamic range of the acquisition system was saturated almost continuously for 18 s between stress drops.
The Mini was invented by British Leyland, as was the Range Rover - the modern SUV - and the Rover SD1 is being copied today by BMW.
Mach, So-range-Degari, and Chamalong coal fields were selected and further subdivided as M1,M2,andM3 at Mach coal field, SD1, SD2 and SD3 at So-range-Degari and C1, C2 and C3 at Chamalong coal field.